SO… is it Day-tah, or Dah-tah

You sure can tell the geeks from the uninformed masses. Geeks pronounce the word DATA, DAY-TA. I believe there is a singular reason for this… Data said so. In that infamous scene when Dr Pulaski meets Data for the first time, she calls him “Dah-Ta” (or ‘Dada’ actually). If he was human he would have been annoyed. Surely ships doctor would do her homework… But … Continue reading SO… is it Day-tah, or Dah-tah

Don’t you hate it when the CLOSE the comments?

First Read the context – my comments at the end…   Has a snow plow ever damaged your property? Yes.No. VoteView Results Facebook Twitter Reddit Share Email Report Typo Send Feedback Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Login | Signup 19 Comments Commenting is Closed … Continue reading Don’t you hate it when the CLOSE the comments?

Starbucks is slow. And it’s my fault.

Feb 12, 2014 That’s right, MY FAULT. How dare I contribute to the long lineups at Starbucks. How DARE I take advantage of their rewards program, which adds several milliseconds to every transaction, annoying 58% of the people behind me. How DARE I buy coffee for someone other than myself, when they weren’t willing or able to stand in line themselves? One order, one payment. … Continue reading Starbucks is slow. And it’s my fault. FREE disappears

Any half computer-savvy family go-to computer guy knows that Remote Desktop support can and should be free. There are plenty of free ways to log into a remote system to troubleshoot, update, or to use as their own (with permission of course ). happens to have the simplest web-based front end, which is why I chose to use that tool. I used to … Continue reading FREE disappears